The address specialist for the German medical market

Our extensive, high-performance database for the entire health services market includes all addresses for:

  • Doctors (physicians and dentists)
  • Practices
  • Clinics in all specialist areas
  • Pharmacies
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Speech therapists
  • Laboratories
  • Physical therapists
  • and much more

We offer an extensive range of solutions and services, which facilitates work involving the health services market and conserves resources.

Our key figures at a glance

  • 500,000 addresses for the medical market in the database
  • 99% coverage of the entire health services market
  • Less than 0.1% duplicates
  • The very latest data
  • Data records in uniform, formal standard
  • Cooperation with 800 national and international customers, 20% of which possess a permanent license
  • Our licensed customers receive permanent online access to the structured database as an additional service
  • Service level agreements
  • Diverse selection options for a large bandwidth of possible applications in diverse business segments
  • Very high online availability level ensured by our IT specialists

Whether employees in the health industry, pharmaceuticals manufacturers, medical technology producers, or hospital managers, our customers can count on the fact that we have their success in mind.

Quality first and foremost

Our employees are well informed and ensure high-quality data. Due to the depth of detail, we achieve meaningful and diverse selection results from our database.

The 15-man team of address editors continuously researches in more than 800 national and international sources to discover new branches, closures, practice transfers, and practice fusions.

Our own market research and surveys round off our reporting services.

Each year, all of the addresses of medical service providers are checked, "stamped" as current, corrected, or discarded. Each year, more than 120,000 data records need to be updated.

The origin of our data

  • Cooperation with partners
  • Pool partners. We cooperate together with over 500 customers, who act as pool partners for us. This includes
    • Health insurance companies, their call centres, and administrative bodies
    • Pharmaceuticals companies
    • Medical technology companies
  • They inform us of changes or send us feedback via mailings, which we check and follow up with research.
  • Research by the company's own address editors

Our database covers your needs

  • Provision of basic addresses e.g. for direct marketing
  • Provision of addition information such as:
    • E-mail addresses,
    • Opening hours,
    • Data of founding
    • Specialised area
    • and much more
  • Provision of special information as required, such as:
    • Commercial power of catchment areas for medical practices
    • Numerous details regarding practice organisation and practice equipment
    • and much more
  • Tailored specially to suit you, we create unique solution packages together with our specialists - just contact us!

You pay only for what you really need

You decide how intensively you want to use our medical addresses. We offer cost-effective conditions for every type of use:

  • One-off use would be an option if you only require current medical address occasionally for your marketing - for a mail-shot for example
  • For a medium-term involvement in direct marketing in the health services market you could utilise the 1-year license for the addresses
  • If you require current addresses for the medical market on a regular basis over a longer term, we recommend the unrestricted permanent use model
  • If required, we would also be happy to agree Update deliveries with you at the intervals that suit you best. This ensures that your address inventory remains up-to-date and current.
  • If you wish to have address material several times, we recommend the Call-up contingent: You purchase the desired quantity of addresses in a single transaction and thus achieve the best possible quantity scale. Thereafter, call up the respective required contingents at the time of your choice and thus access current address data whenever you want.
  • Would you like to retain the complete data stock in your company? No problem! For this we would certainly recommend cyclical updates.
  • Call up addresses online - your employees can simply use any common internet browser: This way, you do not need to utilise any of your employees' time for your own address maintenance.

Our offer for you - inclusive test addresses!

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Customer Support and Service

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